Programa Start_ Foreign Internship Program

​Dê um grande passo rumo a uma carreira jurídica de sucesso!

Nossos estagiários são a principal fonte de advogados e futuros sócios. Durante a jornada de aprendizado, ensinamos as especificidades da prática jurídica e encorajamos o desenvolvimento profissional juntamente com o aprendizado universitário.

Assista ao vídeo para conhecer mais sobre o programa:

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  • Boot Camps - Treinamentos onde os estagiários são apresentados a diferentes áreas de práticas durante o ano.
  • Start_ Carreiras - Encontros organizados pelo Escritório a fim de promover o compartilhamento das trajetórias profissionais dos sócios com os estagiários.
  • Palestras - Apresentações regulares sobre temas não jurídicos com convidados externos, em parceria com o Instituto Veirano
  • Mock Trial - Realização periódica de julgamentos simulados com os estagiários.
  • Mentoria e Avaliação de Desempenho - Todos os estagiários possuem um mentor para acompanhá-los ao longo do programa. Regularmente são realizadas reuniões de feedback para avaliação de desempenho.
  • Política de Diversidade & Inclusão - Possuímos diversas políticas e práticas que fomentam a diversidade e inclusão no Escritório, além de parceria com instituições externas. Afinal, aqui no Veirano, respeito é Direito. 

Se você gosta de desafios, aprendizado intenso em um ambiente acolhedor, visite a nossa página de oportunidades e junte-se a nós!
Take a big step towards a successful legal career!

As part of our international activities, we select foreign candidates to participate in our annual internship program and get the first-hand practical experience of working in a Brazilian law firm while learning about our legal system.

Our program has been running for many years and is considered one of the better-established internship programs in Latin America by leading legal publication Latin Lawyer.


An internship in another country is a great opportunity to enhance one’s career and present new perspectives. To ensure an invaluable experience, our program aims to provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Brazilian legal system, with a focus on the legislation and practices related to their area of interest
  • Work in one of the top Brazilian business law firms, with offices in four major cities
  • Exchange knowledge and experiences with Brazilian professionals while contributing to a more international and multicultural environment

Main Details

Our program is geared towards foreign law students and young lawyers (mostly associates) who are creative, motivated, proactive and have a passion for learning, as well as the capacity to adapt to our Firm’s culture and get the most out of the internship experience. The main aspects of our program are:

  • The program happens on a yearly basis
  • The selection process for the year happens in May
  • There are separate openings for students and lawyers
  • The internship period is for 1 month or 6 months
  • There is a basic stipend of BRL 2,300 per month
  • Interns will have a mentor that will be responsible for their professional development throughout the duration of the program
  • Interns will become actively supervised members of our Firm
  • Interns will have full support from the HR department, which will be responsible for their welcome and integration in the Firm
  • Interns will have follow-up meetings with the participation of their mentor and members of the Internship Committee and the HR department, during which they will present a report about developed activities and its results
  • At the end of the program, interns will prepare and deliver a presentation on legal topics related to their country of origin
  • All participants will receive a certificate of conclusion


We believe an internship program should be a win-win experience for all involved. In this sense, during the program all participants should expect to:

  • Interact with different legal, cultural and business challenges, learning new ways to approach legal problems
  • Gain knowledge, experience and confidence
  • Become more effective legal advisors
  • Develop new relationships and make new friends
  • Experience life in a country described by Lonely Planet as “one of the world’s most captivating places”
  • Add an important reference to their resume
Also, and whenever possible, interns will have the opportunity to have a lunch with our founding partner Ronaldo Veirano, recipient of the prestigious "Chambers Lifetime Achievement" award in recognition for a longtime and productive career spanning more than 40 years of contributions to the Brazilian legal market

Selection Process

Our selection process starts every year in March and all resumes received so far will be appraised by the Firm’s Internship Committee, comprised of partners, HR personnel and other professionals, as well as by partners from the areas of interest designated by the candidates.

Selected resumes will then move forward to a joint evaluation by the Internship Committee together with the Executive Committee. All candidates will receive an answer, positive or negative, until the end of May.

Join Our Program

If you identify yourself with our program and believe Veirano Advogados can make a difference in your professional development, please send your resume along with a cover letter and area(s) of interest to internship@veirano.com.br, ideally until the end of April.  

You can also use the same email address to contact us with any questions that you might have about our program.

“Os estagiários são responsáveis por trazer um novo olhar e novas tendências para o Escritório. Tudo isso mantém nosso ambiente de trabalho constantemente oxigenado.”

“O estágio é a etapa crucial na preparação para o mercado de trabalho. No Veirano, os estagiários são fundamentais para a inovação e perpetuidade do Escritório; nos alegramos por tê-los em nosso time e nos empenhamos para a sua formação.”

"Among Brazil's better-established internship programmes you find that of Veirano Advogados, which has been running for many years and recently has seen a real boom in the number of applicants."