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The Trademarks Law Review – Brazil 2019 (terceira edição)


Mauricio Maleck

Veirano Advogados


In 2017, the Brazilian government announced its intention to join the international trademark system (the Madrid Protocol). In August 2018, various representatives from government, industry, concerned associations and different sectors of society, and specialists, publicly debated the pros and cons of the issue, particularly concerning ways of harmonising international rules with the local system, which had a few particularities and incompatibilities. In July 2019, Brazil joined the Madrid System for the International Registration of Trademarks. This means that, since 2 October 2019, it has been possible to designate Brazil in an international trademark registration. This chapter aims to give an overview of the Brazilian trademark system and its flexibility in terms of protection and enforcement, and it gives a flavour of how the international system will work in Brazil.

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